"Eeshwar Child Welfare Foundation"
(Help those Who Are in Need)
An Organization for those children suffering from cancer

helping innocent kids & their families,
who are fighting with against cancer.
"Eehshwar child welfare foundation"
"Eeshwar child welfare foundation"
Too many people die waiting
for an organ transplant. Save one of them.
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Eeshwar child welfare Foundation

Our organization, Eeshwar Child Welfare Foundation”(ECWF),is a non-profit, non-government aided organization, it is devoted to the cause of treatment and welfare of children suffering from Cancer, below poverty line in the Pediatric Department of C.S.M.M.U and Balrampur Hospital, in Lucknow, since the year 2005.

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Pledge Your Organs

At the end of your life, you can give life to others. Leave a lasting legacy. All you need to do is Contact us as an organ donor & pledge your organs.


Organ Donation

With recent advances in transplantation, more people can donate than ever before.

Where can I donate?

Anybody irrespective of age, sex, caste, religion, community, or suffering…

How to become an organ donor?

As the donation takes place after death of an individual,…

What can I donate ?

A donation can help patients whose organs are not working…

What is Organ Donation

Need for Organ Donation Shortage of organs is a universal…

Eeshwar child welfare Foundation an Organizations for kids With Cancer

“ it was an extremely tough time for me when I had to spend a long time in C.S.M.M.U for the treatment of my daughter in 2003.During that period, I noticed a large number of families who were present there for the treatment of their children. Being, financially unstable to afford the expensive treatment & medicines they seemed quite helpless and stressed out. There was so much helplessness all around me. I took a strong determination to come forward for the welfare of these needy and sick children. By God’s grace my daughter is all hail and healthy. As, I had determined, the year 2005, saw the establishment of E.C.W.F on September 3.”

Help Kids
Eeshwar child Welfare Foundation
Room no.1,rann basera,opposite to pulmonary deptt.,
KGMU,Chowk,lucknow 226003, Uttar Pradesh
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