Eeshwar child welfare foundation

Eeshwar child welfare foundation (ECWF) has been working for the welfare and support of cancer ailing children since 2005. The organization is named “EESHWAR” as there is no truer word that could define the motivation behind our efforts. Mrs. Sapna Upadhyaya (founder/director) shares her story which lays the groundwork for the establishment of the foundation, devoting her life for the betterment of these children.

“It was an extremely rough patch, I had to spend a long time in KGMU for the treatment of my daughter in 2003. During this period, I noticed a number of families, present there for the treatment of their children. Due to the financial instability, they couldn’t afford the expensive treatment and medicines. All I could sense was helplessness around me. That was when I got determined to work for the welfare of these needy and innocent children, who deserve to live a healthy life. By God’s grace my daughter recovered and is hale and hearty. This led to the establishment of Eeshwar Child Welfare Foundation on September 3, in the year 2005. Since then, we never looked back and continue to work relentlessly for this cause.”

Though beginning was a struggle but Mrs. Sapna Upadhyaya left no stone unturned in providing help to these children along with the support of the members. There was no space to work, so she operated the foundation from under a tree, in the primacies of KGMU. Gradually, she got support from Late Dr. Govil who encouraged her and suggested her to extend support for the cancer suffering children of medical college. Later, she got support from Dr. Archana Kumar (pediatrician) in the pediatric department of Oncology.

These two were the initial pillars of support who contributed a lot and helped the us gain momentum. With time and efforts, we started approaching towards our aim and extended help to the cancer kids as well as the needy ones. Later, we associated with Balrampur Hospital where we provided support up to the best of our capabilities and with that many cancer suffering children survived. Till date, we are giving assistance to S.G.P.G.I and R.M.L.I.M .S , UP , Lucknow.

Our Work


Monthly Medicines and Hygiene kits donated

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world cancer day awareness rally

world cancer day, Awareness Rally at kgmu lucknow

Blood Donation camps

Blood Donation camps organised

Products Exhibition

Two days Exhibition of our products made by cancerkids mothers. , at indira gandhi pratishtan ,organised by kulsum {kishweri connect.) Empower the women power

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