About Us


  • To ensure that no child stays untreated due to lack of finance.
  • To ensure that they get hygienic and nutritious food during treatment.
  • To create healthy, conducive and light-environment for the kids.
  • To enable global standards of survival.
  • Imparting education to cancer survivor as well as cancer suffering children.


We strive to help all those who are in need and give them a home away from home. We put in our full efforts to never let a child go without treatment or without any medical or nutritional help, that maybe required during the treatment. Not only do we provide for the treatment of cancer suffering children but also provide support to their families.

We take the responsibility to support these children and their families even after they have won their battle against cancer. Education is one such after-support. We have been able to educate more than 200 children since the commencement of the foundation.

Our Services

  • We provide the children with the basic medicines that they need during the treatment. These include Crocin, Septron, Betadine, Dettol, Clogen, Mouthwash, etc.
  • We distribute groceries (ration) to the families of the patients every week, so that they meet their nutritional needs. This includes flour, rice, pulses, salt, sugar, cooking oil, etc.
  • We appoint counselors for the patients and their families so that they interact and share any kind of problem they might be facing during treatment. This helps us to know their needs better and improve from our end.
  • We distribute hygiene kits to the children which contain basic products that help them to avoid any microbial bacterial infection during the treatment.
  • We organize blood donation camps to raise blood for cancer kids and needy ones. This has been made effective with the help of the members of K.G.M.U. We have been able to cater to the needs of many with our efforts in this area.
  • We collect operation funds to help children financially, if they must be operated. The estimated amount of certain treatments is beyond the affording power of the families and this is where the foundation steps in.
  • We also support the survivors in spheres of education and other personal requirements like employment and skill training. This is to make sure that the survivors are adept to face the real world.
  • We organize workshop for single mothers of these children so that they can acquire skills and use them to become self-dependent.
  • We also help the families of cancer kids and the ones in need, for girl’s marriage, renovating their house, in case they are not in proper condition. In some extreme cases, we also provide a place to live.
  • We provide help to the families of these children in case of conjugal ties.

Board of governors

  • Sapna Upadhyaya(Founder/Director)
  • Rajiv Upadhyaya(Treasurer)
  • Sakshi (Vice-President)
  • Neena Vij(Secretary)
  • Asha Verma(Board member)
  • Reena Shukla(Board member)
  • Devashish Sharma(Legal Advisor)
  • Sanjiv Upadhyaya(Board member)