Education support


After the excessive emotional and physical tryst, cancer survivors tend to lose the zeal and develop a pessimistic approach. Education brings with it a hope which enlightens them by giving them a reason to make something out of their lives.

ECWF contributes in their education as well. Every year in September, on our Foundation Day, we sponsor large number of cancer surviving children by providing them with educational scholarships. In addition to it we arrange stationary items such as pen, pencils, notebooks, books, crayons, etc. Moreover, education assistance is also provided. Some of our members sponsor children in memory of their loved ones. Nonmembers of NGO can also help these children by sponsoring their education for 4000/- yearly. We directly deposit the amount via cheque in the institutions, to avoid misuse of the fee. ECWF is currently providing education support to 150 cancer kids, survivors and needy children. Here, are names of some cancer suffering children to whom the organization has provided full support:

  • Harshit Kumar(LLB-first year)
  • Rishi Shukla(IT Training)
  • Vikas (B.A.-Second year)
  • Sonia Bano(BA- first year)
  • Hardik(5th standard)
  • Beena Devi(10th standard)