Eeshwar Child Welfare Foundation has also established a “Home Away from Home”, named “Aasra” for these children. It is a link between Hospital and home. Children and their parents are given free accommodation and food by our organization. Guardians can stay there for the child's chemotherapy because hospital has 30 beds and every follow up has 40 to 60 patients, then they have to sleep on the floor and it's very difficult for them to manage. That’s the reason many don’t turn up for the follow up and we want to avoid that.

Medicine Distribution

The medicines involved in the treatment of cancer are very expensive and beyond the capability of these poor families to afford them. Being, unable to afford the high cost of these medicines these poor families return to their homes. Keeping these facts in mind ECWF has resolved to provide these children suffering from cancer with required medicines so that all of them are able to undergo the required treatment. This is one of the main initiatives taken by our organization.

Hygiene Kits

Hygiene kit is basically meant to inculcate the habit of personal hygiene among the patients. It includes a hand wash, bathing soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, tongue-cleaner etc.The counselor again tells them the usage of this kit so that they remain protected against infection.

BLood Donation Camps

Hygienic Blood Donation camps are organized by ECWF 5 to 6 times a year. In each of these camps, approximately 60-75 donors donate blood. Through blood cards, the organization helps the patients as they require blood in large quantities and blood plays an essential role in their treatment. The organization makes sure that no child loses his/her life due to scarcity of blood & through these camps it tries to provide sufficient amount of blood.

Ration support

Another step taken by our organization is to provide ration to the families of these children who are suffering from cancer so that they do not discontinue the treatment in between because of lack of food. Every Friday, ration is distributed to the parents of these patients. Weekly ration is distributed to all 30 to 35 cancer patients for e.g. – 100 Kg flour, 50 Kg rice, 50 Kg dal, 50 Kg sugar, 10 Litre oil, salt and biscuits etc. The organization aims to continue this support in future too.

Nutritional Support

ECWF also runs a nutrition programme for the children suffering from cancer. The main objective of this programme is to provide nutrition to those children who suffer from lack of immunity mainly because of chemotherapy which they are required to undergo as part of their treatment. Further, these patients cannot afford a rich protein diet, which could increase their hemoglobin level and weight, so ECWF makes arrangement to fulfill their protein needs by providing them with protein rich diet. For e.g. - Protein Milk powder, Horlicks, Bournvita, dry fruits-cashew, almonds, pista.


ECWF has appointed a counselor for these children and their families; she listens to their grievances and makes a sincere effort to solve them. She has a regular interaction with them.Further; she makes them aware about the importance of personal hygiene as well as environmental hygiene.The counselor makes known to them the usage of medical kit and hygiene provided by the organization.

Medical Kits

The medical kit provided to the patients by ECWF comprises of basic medicines –mask, septron, crocin, thermometer and clogen.They are also told about the usage of this kit. If they are facing any problem regarding the usage of the kit, they can consult the counselor.

Recreational Programme

ECWF undertakes a recreational programme on a regular basis for these children. Our foundation celebrates festivals with the children admitted. For e.g-Children’s day, Diwali, Christmas Day all are celebrated with these children and their parents

Educational Support

ECWF has also appointed a teacher, who during free time involves these children in educational tasks .Furthermore, the foundation also organizes competitions where these children can display their talents & also distributes gifts to those who perform well. The foundation has also taken the initiatives of providing scholarships so that they can carry their studies.ECWF also requests the principals of the respective schools where these children study to exempt them from paying fees so that they can undergo their treatment as well as carry on their studies simultaneously.

Distribution Of cloths & Toys

ECWF provides the patients &their families with clothes as they are so poor that they do not even have proper clothes to wear, some of them just have a single pair of clothing. They cannot afford to buy new clothes so the organization distributes clean &proper clothes to them on a regular basis. Woolen clothes, blankets are distributed every year during winter.

Further, ECWF also distributes toys to the children so that they can entertain themselves with the help of these toys and they get a home like environment in the hospital. This will enable these children to stay happy & cheerful.

ECWF has been providing these services on a regular basis without any support from the government, in the pediatric department of C.S.M.M.U.

Projects Completed

1. The pediatric was repaired & painted in 2009 & curtains were put on windows

2. A toy bank was established in cancer ward.

3. Arrangements were made for daily nutritional diet program.

4. Weekly ration is distributed to all 30 to 35 cancer patients for e.g. – 100 Kg flour, 50Kg rice, 50 Kg dal 50 Kg sugar, 10 Litre oil, salt and biscuits etc.

5. Our counselor visits daily to aware the parents of cancer patients.

6. We help & guide the patient’s parents in getting the BPL cards and to utilize the facilities given to BPL Card holders.

7. We organize 5-6 voluntary blood donation camps in a year both in CSMMU blood bank & outside. All the donor cards are utilized for cancer patients.

8. In 2008, we donated one incubator in pediatric dept.

9. Woolen clothes, blankets are distributed every year during winter

10. Every patient is given a hygiene kit containing (thermometer, mouthwash, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, mask etc.)

11. Approximately 200-250 kits are distributed every year.

12. Kitchen of cancer ward was renovated with tiles etc.

13. 4 exhaust fans were donated for cancer ward in 2009.

14. 1 water cooler with aqua guard was donated in 2010.

15. Many parents got employment with our support.

16. With our efforts, one patient Vinay got help of Rs.1 lakh from President’s fund.

17. 1 patient Anoop was helped by injections of hepatitis C (costing Rs 12000/- each injection).

18. 4 children of class (IV) employee of CSSMU were given education support.

19. Our foundation celebrates all festivals with the children admitted in the hospital.

Goals Of ECWF

1. The foundation strives for linking poor unprotected children & their parents with main stream of society providing solution relating to their health problems and educating them, encouraging positive attitude in them to fight against deadly disease of cancer & not to fear it. Childhood cancer is curable if detected earlier.

2. We are arranging for a van for our cancer patients to travel from short stay home to hospital and vice-versa.

3. We are working towards making a Hospital for children suffering from Cancer.

4. We are also working for making a Home for Destitute; both these projects are in process.

Last but not the least to pray and hope that these children make their future bright.