Marriage support

Marriage is a huge institution, especially in India. The lack of finances and other restraints hinder the families to celebrate such a happy occasion. ECWF helps families in such situations to get their daughters married.

ECWF lends a hand with the help of their members in getting such girls married by providing them all the requisites. Includes clothes, utensils, ration, jewelry, etc. In year 2010 to 2016 alone, the organization has helped in getting 35 girls married. Recently Shalley from Chaupatya, PreetiĀ  DeviĀ  Gram Chilhariya, Suman Devi from Unnao and Sevaram from Sakatpur, have tied knot with the help of the organization.


Shalley, an orphan came to the organization with the hope of getting married. ECWF extended full support in her marriage and she tied the knot on 16th February,2016. In the same way, we undertook the responsibility of marrying Preeti Devi, whose parents cannot afford to get her married because their savings were exhausted in the treatment of their son. Moreover, in 2008, we had conducted mass marriages of 28 women. Till date, we managed to arrange the weddings of over 45 women, successfully.